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Canada's Start Up Visa Program - (Business Incubator stream)

5 years permanent residency in Canada

Canadian citizenship & passport after living in Canada for 3 years

Business Incubator Stream

Business Incubator selects and approves applicants to develop business concepts or proposals. The Business Incubators stream has many preferred benefits for the applicant.

Start Up Visa (SUV) step by step process:

  1. Sign retainer with Royal Visas for business advisory service and guidance.
  2. Royal Visas will help you prepare your business proposal.
  3. Royal Visas will use your business proposal to submit an application with an immigration approved incubator in Canada.
  4. Once you are accepted into a government approved incubator, you will attend a two week incubator session that you will be guided through by Royal Visas.
  5. Once you complete the two week incubator session, you will receive a letter of support(LOS) from one of the Incubators approved by the government of Canada.
  6. Royal Visas will introduce you to a certified immigration consultant who will use your letter of support to apply for your permanent residency application to Canada.
  7. Arrive in Canada and work on your business.

Start Up Visa (SUV) Eligibility Criteria:

  1. You must have basic proficiency in English or French CLB (IELTS) 5 or greater.
  2. Any adult age.
  3. Any education level.
  4. A unique and innovative idea will be considered.
  5. Willing to participate in a two week program.

The link to the Canada immigration site for the Start-up Visa Program is:

Why the Start-Up Visa?

"Canada continues to compete in a global innovation race. As technologies become more widely available to everyone, the only competitive edge for countries and businesses is the distinctive talent and creativity of their people. While skilled immigrants are now identifying Canada as a country of choice in which to apply their knowledge and ideas, we also need to prepare our homegrown talent for a rapidly changing job market. Our government wants to create good quality, high-paying jobs for the middle class and those working hard to join it." - The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

Program Basics

Start-Up Visa to Canada Overview

Processing Time - Client intake process: Eligibility requirements for founders

Persons who intend to reside in a province/territory other than Quebec have the support of a Canadian business entity, in the form of a Commitment Certificate meet/exceed the minimum language proficiency threshold set by the Minister for each of the four language skill areas have completed at least one year of post-secondary education; and have sufficient funds to economically establish themselves in Canada Settlement funds – applicant must demonstrate that they have funds that are available, transferable and unencumbered by debts or other obligations. Amount of funds is assessed according to the applicant's family size.

Client intake process: Eligibility requirements for companies

“Qualified participants” include: an applicant in respect of the business, a designated business incubator/angel investor group/VC fund or a foreign national who has been issued a permanent resident visa under the Startup Visa

Application process: Forms to be completed by the designated entity

Application process: Term sheet

The agreement made by a designated entity must:

Application process: Work Permit

Application process: Fees

Post-aplication: Peer review

The program difference